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"The Mission of MacFarlane Park PTA is to support both academic success and positive character development so that our students may reach their full potential as lifelong active learners and compassionate participants in a diverse world."

Our goals and work to accomplish this mission involves:

  • Nurturing the mission of MacFarlane Park Elementary Magnet School and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme
  • Building stronger relationships between teachers, parents and students through effective communication and spirit building
  • Encouraging increased parental involvement and volunteerism
  • Providing financial support for select teacher and staff professional development opportunities
  • Enhancing academic enrichment through relevant programs and initiatives
  • Nurturing positive character traits and community involvement through relevant programs and initiatives
  • Cultivating student wellness through relevant programs and initiatives
  • Providing school enhancements which benefit student academic success or wellness
  • Increasing community awareness and involvement with our school
  • Raising any funds necessary to support these goals

The National, Florida and Hillsborough County Council PTAs provide extensive information on advocating for our children.   Click below for direct links to their websites.  To find out how to contact your Florida or local legislators, please follow the link below to the Florida PTA CAP WIZ page which will allow you to search by zip code.