Every year Macfarlane Park honors families and students from diverse
cultural backgrounds to foster intercultural understanding and global
awareness. Each classroom sponsors a different country. As you travel
through each classroom during the event, you will experience studentcreated
projects, presentations and food sampling from the sponsored
Please let us know if you would be interested in volunteering for or
contributing to any of the country displays below, or if you would like
to set up a cultural booth of your own in the cafeteria representing
your home country (not represented below).

Kind.: N. America
Bac- Canada
Demo- Cuba
Ragonetti- Mexico
Ruggiero- Puerto Rico
1st Gr: Africa
Stallings- Madagascar
Schoenbach- Morocco
Stromquist- Ethiopia
2nd Gr: Europe
D’Aloia- Spain
Florio- Iceland
Domeier- Italy
3rd Gr: Australia
Valverde- Outback
Moreno- Coral Reef
Price- Coastal Areas
4th Gr: S. America
Kanzer- Brazil
Ragonese- Equador
Watts- Peru
5th Gr: Asia
MacDonald- China
Sagen- Japan
Bissett- Thailand