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I can not express how much I love this school with all the wonderful parents, students, teachers and administrative staff.  When I set out to make this year one of the best years yet I thought I may have made an impossible goal to reach.  I was wrong.  Without the support from our parents, business sponsors and the hard work from not just all the PTA Board members from everyone in the school we have reached and surpassed every goal set!!!

I am so glad to not only be President of the PTA but to be part of the best PTA board ever!  What makes this board so great is we reach every grade level and have made decisions in a timely manner and gone through with all of them.

I can name all the things we have done and I probably will but this post is to say I am so blessed to be part of this family and am starting to get very sad knowing this journey is about to come to an end for me.

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended the auction, sponsored the auction, reached out to companies to get items donated.  The auction could not happen without the help of everyone!!

I have to say a special thank you to Dimple Dilkush for being voluntold to put on the best auction yet and pulling it off.  I have to say another special THANK YOU to Kari Lewis and her friend who made the night with the best decorations EVER! 

We have reached our goal and will be purchasing the remainder of the chromebooks for the classrooms after Spring Break!  

Yours truly,