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Board & Committee Heads 2018-2019

President, Elaine McGinnis; 

Treasurer, Ingrid Peavy, [email protected]

Secretary, Kristen Meek, [email protected]

VP Communications, Laura Barr, [email protected]

VP Development, June Heller, [email protected]

VP Programs, Dana Burton, [email protected]

VP Membership, Michelle Rice; [email protected]

VP Spirit, Rena Thakker, [email protected]

VP Volunteers & Hospitality, Enrique Ramirez, [email protected]

Teacher Liaison, Wanda Vinson; [email protected]

5th Grade Committee, Lynda Barack, Claudia Knowles, May Weber;[email protected] ,[email protected] ,[email protected]

School Enhancement Extraordinare;  Amy Keener; [email protected]

Explorer Tags & RP Celebrations,

Boxtops, Julie Pederson; [email protected]

After Bell Clubs, Rocio Slack; [email protected]

Uniforms; Gitta Schmitt; [email protected]

Service Program, Sarah Pellenbarg;[email protected]

Diversity & Outreach, Rima Sanka; [email protected]

MacDaddies Dads Club, 

Health & Wellness, Kim Christine; [email protected]

Teacher Appreciation Week, Vishali  Mehta Julie Clarke; [email protected] ,[email protected]

Kindergarten Liason, Jaima Shore, [email protected]

Audit, Maresa Montero; [email protected]

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